EPS 2017

In this year’s sessions we will listen to the idea of application in the preaching of grace. Pastor Bryan Chapell will show how the grace of God that unfolds in all of Scripture culminates in the ministry of Christ, and how it empowers the application of Biblical truth for our lives today.

CEP Preaching Conference 2016

The world is a dangerous and depressing place—going by news reports. Against this backdrop, the world’s need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ has never been greater than it is today.
As preachers and teachers, are we ready to Preach the Word—not as the letter that kills, but as the gospel that gives life?
We are privileged to learn from seasoned Bible expositors from around the world the why, the what and the how to Preach the Word to a world that is clearly in need of it.

EPS 2015

William Taylor will share on essential convictions and skills a preacher has to develop if he is to her God speaks. He will be providing an introduction to John’s Gospel as well as undertake a more detailed analysis of the main section of the book to help preachers understand the Apostles John’s purpose and method in presenting the Gospel.

EPS 2012

Old Testament Prophecy & The Contemporary Church The Expository Preaching Seminar (EPS) is a seminar to serve and strengthen Malaysian church leaders who are dedicated to faithfully preaching God’s Word.It is an ideal seminar for preachers to attend each year to keep them fresh in their approach and growing in their skills. However, anyone who wants to know how to … Read More