About the Expository Preaching Seminar 2022

The Expository Preaching Seminar (EPS), organised in conjunction with the KVBC Bible Conferences, is a seminar to serve and strengthen Malaysian church leaders who are dedicated to faithfully preaching God’s Word. It also serves as a refresher for seasoned preacher-teachers on principles and issues pertaining to expository ministry. It is also an ideal introduction to expository preaching for budding preacher-teachers of God’s Word.

This seminar comprises of pre-recorded lectures that participants will view beforehand and take part in optional pre-discussions, before coming together for the final online session.

The schedule for the final (live) Zoom session on Aug 27, 2022 is shown below

9.30am Session Begins
9.40am Speaker interview
9.50am Final lecture
10.20am Break
10.25am Q&A
11.00am Closing exposition
11.45am Close

About the Facilitator

Dr Peter Jensen is committed to the task of expository preaching. But in order to do that well, he believes that it has to be accompanied by doctrinal preaching. It is doctrine which gives the context of the whole Bible so that the exposition of individual passages makes better sense. In this way, the Bible interprets the Bible. It also paves the way for contemporary application of the word of God. He will be leading us as we think about both the why and the how of doctrinal preaching and illustrating how it can be done.

Dr Peter Jensen has served as Principal of Moore College, Archbishop of Sydney, and General Secretary of the GAFCON movement. He is the Editor of Global Anglican and continues to lecture at various seminaries. His published works include At the Heart of the Universe (1991), The Revelation of God (2002) and The Future of Jesus (2005). His introduction to Christian Doctrine, The Life of Faith, is scheduled to be published later this year. He is married to Christine and they have 5 children and 26 grandchildren.