September 5 – October 31 (Thursday nights and Saturday mornings @CEP Centre)

Weekly classes (Specific Schedules will be updated soon)

Morning Schedule

8:00am   Exposition + Q&A
8:40am   Lecture 1
10:10am Break
10:30am Small Group
11:10am Break
11:20am Lecture 2
12:30pm Lunch

Night Schedule

7:00pm   Dinner (optional)
7:30pm   Exposition + Q&A
8:00pm   Lecture
9:10pm   Break
9:20pm   Lecture/Small Group
10:30pm Close

Schedules for CEP Preaching OLD Testament 2020 (will be updated soon)
Registration for CEP Preaching OLD Testament 2020 (will be opening end of 1st quarter, 2020)
  • Weekly assignments
  • Small Groups: practice talk, outlines, big idea presentations
  • Reading reports (2000 words)
For more information, please email: